Adulting 101: The Road to Independence [Virtual]

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Sep 17 2023
Oct 22 2023
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Many of us dream of living in our own home, separate from our families, finally living by our own rules. But what does being a successful and independent adult look like? Join us in our newest self-development course: Adulting 101: The Road to Independence. In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of what living independently entails: grocery planning, setting and sticking to a routine, how to deal with conflict with your potential roommates, how to host social events in their home, and more. Students will also learn about different services, such as grocery delivery services and the public transportation system, that can enhance their potential to be productive and self-sufficient. Imagine your toilet breaks or you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and in need of someone to talk to. In these situations, it's important to have a plan and be prepared to ask for help. We will work together to identify common scenarios where assistance may be needed and discuss strategies to handle them effectively.

Class dates

09/17/2023, 09/24/2023, 10/01/2023, 10/08/2023, 10/15/2023, 10/22/2023

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Minimum: 6

Maximum: 14

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Registration starts on 07/22/2023.

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