Hablamos Español! Spanish Language and Culture [Virtual]

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Oct 24 2023
Dec 12 2023
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As the second most spoken language in the U.S., learning Spanish is a great way to be able to connect with others and meet new friends. In this class, students will learn basic conversational Spanish, such as introducing themselves, ordering food, and talking about their interests while virtually traveling all over the Spanish speaking world, including Spain, México, Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile, and Puerto Rico. Each week, we will dive deep into Spanish language and culture through local cuisine, national holidays, music, dance, movies and more!

Class dates

10/24/2023, 10/31/2023, 11/07/2023, 11/14/2023, 11/21/2023, 11/28/2023, 12/05/2023, 12/12/2023

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 13

Registration period

Registration starts on 07/22/2023.

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Program is full.