In Our Universe and Beyond: Diabolical Heroes and Villains [Virtual]

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Oct 29 2023
Dec 10 2023
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In the fight of good vs. evil, the hero almost always comes out on top. But every great superhero has one or many villains that they face to save their city, and sometimes the world, from devastation. Have you ever wondered what makes a villain act the way they do? Are all villains truly evil? In this class we will learn about some of the most infamous villains and their diabolical plots to change the world. While some villains throughout literature act out of malicious intent, others feel that what they are doing is what is best for humanity. In this class, we will examine common character traits found in villains across a variety of popular literature including books, movies, and comics. We will take in-depth looks into the backstories of some of the most famous fictional villains throughout history and identify the key events that made them who they are!

Class dates

10/29/2023, 11/05/2023, 11/12/2023, 11/19/2023, 11/26/2023, 12/03/2023, 12/10/2023

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Registration starts on 07/22/2023.

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