Motivation, Goal Setting and Achieving Your Dreams [Virtual]

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Oct 25 2023
Dec 06 2023
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We all have dreams. Some of us may have big, long-term dreams like having a job we love, living independently, or traveling the world. Some of us may have smaller, short-term dreams like eating healthier, living a happier life through learning new hobbies, or volunteering once a week at a charity we care about. In this class, students will improve their self-advocacy and self-determination skills as they learn all about motivation, goal setting, and how these things may help them reach their dreams! Students will explore their interests and will identify one goal they want to achieve (e.g., planning a trip or finding a job). They will learn how to set goals that are specific and achievable, and each student will be supported to come up with a personalized plan to help achieve their goal. By the end of this class students will have increased knowledge on motivation and how to set realistic goals to help take steps to achieve dreams, no matter how big or small. Get ready to get motivated, set goals, and have a plan to help reach your dreams!

Class dates

10/25/2023, 11/01/2023, 11/08/2023, 11/15/2023, 11/22/2023, 11/29/2023, 12/06/2023

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Minimum: 6

Maximum: 13

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Registration starts on 07/22/2023.

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