Fun with Art in Music

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Mar 17 2021
Apr 21 2021
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Art and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. In our class we will examine how music inspires artists and their art. Students will explore various music genres, album art, and music videos. After each class, students will create their own artwork inspired by the music of the class period. Family and friends will meet our last class to see the gallery of student made music inspired art. So dust off your favorite albums and join us for music and art filled experiences! Please note: The instructor will request that you prepare art materials before each class to complete your projects.   

Class dates

03/17/2021, 03/24/2021, 03/31/2021, 04/07/2021, 04/14/2021, 04/21/2021


Participants must currently be 18 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 10

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Registration starts on 02/08/2021 and ends on 03/16/2021.

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