Fun with Science: The Wonders of Space

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Apr 28 2021
Jun 02 2021
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Are you curious about what is beyond Earth’s atmosphere? Have you ever wondered what exists in the universe? Come on a journey with me through the sky and learn about galaxies near and far. Become an astronomer that studies the cosmos and learns about planets, stars, black holes, and everything that creates solar systems. Through engaging hands-on activities and virtual lessons, students will learn all about outer space. 

Class dates

04/28/2021, 05/05/2021, 05/12/2021, 05/19/2021, 05/26/2021, 06/02/2021


Participants must currently be 18 years or older.

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Minimum: 6

Maximum: 10

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Registration starts on 02/10/2021 and ends on 04/27/2021.

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